Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Writing Haiku

Marti was reading Spiderwort and The Princess Of Haiku, which is a story in The Fairy Chronicles, recently and came downstairs to ask if we could write Haikus. We looked up "the rules" on wikipedia and discovered that it is 5 sylables, 7 sylables, then 5 sylables and lots of other interesting things.

So, I wrote two off the top of my head to "warm us up".

Beautiful Marti
She is my pride and my joy
I love her a lot.

Her hair is so blonde
Her eyes are beautiful hazel
My little Lilly.

Then, Marti and I wrote one together

Fairy Chronicles
Marigold is so pretty
Her gift is special.

Marti wrote one herself.

Pizza and Ice Cream
They are very delicious
I like them a lot

Lilly and I wrote one as well.

I love them because
Horses are very pretty
I want to pet them

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